Scaling Agile in Large organizations. Learn from the mistakes of others

The meeting was held on September 28 at 11:00

During this Conlea webinar, we talked about Scaling Agile in large organizations. We invited 4 experts to participate in the panel discussion. They told us about Scaling Agile from the perspective of their own, many years of experience.

Thanks to the webinar, you will know what mistakes to avoid in order to successfully implement and scale Agile in large organizations.

Watch the webinar

Selected topics that we talked about:

  • No leadership support
  • Implement Lean-Agile in name only
  • No internal muscle
  • No experience (in-house and/or external coaches)
  • Focus on framework (medicine) instead of the illness (business challenges)
  • Focus on vanity metrics
  • Use project construct for transformation
  • Accepting dependencies as immutable
  • Opinions over data

The meeting was led by Tomasz Szymborski, and his guests were Michele Lanzinger, Monika Płocke and Konrad Wyszyński.


Michele Lanzinger

SAFe Strategic Advisor & SPCT @ Scaled Agile, Inc.

Michele was born in Italy. He has studied business administration at Università Cattolica in Milan and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

He has worked in several consulting firms in Europe and founded and supported some startups in different sectors.

Since 2014 Michele has focused on Agile transformation and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), supporting many transformations around Europe. He is a very experienced coach and trainer.

He is SAFe Strategic Advisor and SPCT at Scaled Agile, helping partners and enterprises implement business agility across EMEA.

Michele lives in Germany. He is fluent in Italian, English, German, and Spanish.

Michele Lanzinger

Monika Płocke

Partner @ Deloitte Consulting

A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of the Gdańsk University of Technology, MBA studies and programs at Harvard Business School and London Business School. She started her professional career in 1993 at AT&T Bell Labs (today Lucent Technologies) as an IT systems designer. From 1995 she worked at Prokom as a project coordinator. Former Head of Banking Technology Change and Software Engineering at Nordea until 2021. Currently Partner in Deloitte.

Privately, a mother of three wonderful daughters. In her spare time, she is a pilot, skipper, sometimes rides a motorcycle, sometimes a bicycle and loves reading books.


Konrad Wyszyński

Associate Delivery Manager @ Roche

Puts on hats of Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Release Train Engineer. On a daily basis supports end to end software product development and global digital transformations. Fan of making decisions based on data and wrong assumptions detector. Agile approach, transformations and frameworks trainer.
Out of work, hip hop ex-dancer, sports and movements explorer and  into the soul of nature!

Konrad Wyszyński

Tomasz Szymborski

Senior Manager @ Deloitte Consulting

Agile Coach @ Conlea

IT professional with substantial experience in development process, leading committed agile teams that contribute to demanding business. SAFe trainer and consultant, PMP and PMI Agile Certified Practitioner with solid analytical skills.
Demonstrates strong commitment to satisfying business objectives.

Specialties: agile practices, change management, PMI methodology, communications.

Bicycle advocate.

Tomek Szymborski