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The materials available during the training are certified by the SAFe institution. Materials are ordered prior to confirmed training. They are all in English.

The exam is in closed-book format with 45 questions. You require 34 marks to pass - 75%.

The course includes an Exam Preparation module, which prepares participants to take the SAFe Exam on the secound day of the course. The exam is in closed-book format with 45 questions. The exam lasts for 95 minutes.


The training is targeted at those who:

  • Want to gain practical knowledge certified with SAFe Agilist title
  • Are responsible for preparing and executing large scale agile transformation
  • Are leaders of teams that work concurrently and on an end2end solution or product development
  • Take strategic decisions on deliveries as product managers
  • Play the role enterprise or system architect
  • Want to learn the most popular framework of agile@scale

  • No formal prerequisites
  • Practical knowledge of Scrum on Kanban
  • Manager, SME or leader role in an organisation

The main online training platforms we use is MS Teams and Zoom. We can also conduct training on  Webex platform on special request.

During the training, we also use tools such as Miro (for participants to work together), Quizzes (Easy LMS platform) and work in subgroups.

5 days before the training, the participant receives an invitation with access to the digital training materials and a link to the platform on which the meeting will take place.

All requirements are met in the training room, such as:

  • seat spacing,
  • disposable gloves, disinfectant and disposable masks,
  • the information board in connection with the state of the pandemic,
  • disposable sets of dishes and sweet snacks in the original packaging,
  • bottled water only.

Before starting the course, the participant must complete and sign a health questionnaire.

Najważniejsze wartości

Praktyczna wiedza, która pomoże Twojemu zespołowi rosnąć

Międzynarodowy certyfikat uznawany na całym świecie

Poznanie uczestników szkolenia z podobnymi wyzwaniami.

Spotkanie z ludźmi, którzy mogą mieć gotowe rozwiązania na Twoje problemy.

After successful completion of the Leading SAFe course, students will:

  • Learn an enterprise transformation roadmap that leads to a lean entity that produces competitive solutions to the market.
  • Gain knowledge needed for running a Lean-Agile company.
  • Adapt the framework to fit-for-purpose.
  • Simulate ways of supporting and executing cadence planning (5 sprint time horizon called Program Increment).
  • Receive a collection of techniques to launch and Foster effective collaboration within a team of teams – Agile Release Train.
  • Understand the principles and practice of Lean-Agile Portfolio management.

SAFe certification path

Leading SAFe course is one of
the SAFe certification path

Leading SAFe

SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager


SAFe Scrum Master


SAFe DevOps

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SAFe for Teams

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What others say about Conlea courses

Thank you for training! It is a long time since I participated in such a well-prepared and conducted training!

Sabina Grabowska

Sabina Grabowska

Incident Coordinator

Practical knowledge of the trainer enriched with real-life examples!

Bart Trzęsicki

Bartosz Trzęsicki

Global Transformation/Change Lead

The trainer showed a lot of experience, not only theoretical knowledge.

0 (17)

Dominika Pacyna

Service Architect

A well-prepared trainer who can answer the most difficult questions, practical exercises.

0 (18)

Monika Kudaj

Major Incident Manager