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Frequently asked questions

The course materials are based on official DevOps Fundamentals guidance and many years of experience of our trainers. Course materials prepare participant to pass the exam. The materials are in English language.

They include:

  • Digital handbook that contains also a training presentation
  • Case study, exercises and sample answers
  • Exam candidate guidance
  • Mock exam with answers

The exam is in closed-book format with 40 multiple-choice questions. The pass score is 70%.

The participant receives an exam voucher, which can be used within the time period specified (max. 1 year). The exam voucher can be redeemed directly at PeopleCert. The exam is taken online proctored via web camera by the PeopleCert invigilator.

Duration of the exam: 60 minutes.

Books or any other materials cannot be used during the exam.

When taking the exam in English, a candidate whose native language is not English is given an additional 15 minutes of time (75 minutes in total) and can use the English-Polish dictionary.

  • Individuals involved in IT development, IT operations or IT service management
  • Individuals whose role is touched by DevOps and continuous delivery, such as the following IT roles:
    • DevOps engineers
    • System administrators
    • Integration specialists
    • Architects
    • Incident & change managers
    • Product Owners
    • Scrum Masters
    • Project Managers
    • IT Managers
    • Managers who interact with IT

There are no formal prerequisites. Basic familiarity with Agile, Lean, and IT Service Management principles is beneficial

The main online training platforms we use is MS Teams and Zoom. We can also conduct training on  Webex platform on special request.

During the training, we also use tools such as Miro (for participants to work together), Quizzes (Easy LMS platform) and work in subgroups.

5 days before the training, the participant receives an invitation with access to the digital training materials and a link to the platform on which the meeting will take place.

All requirements are met in the training room, such as:

  • seat spacing,
  • disposable gloves, disinfectant and disposable masks,
  • the information board in connection with the state of the pandemic,
  • disposable sets of dishes and sweet snacks in the original packaging,
  • bottled water only.

Before starting the course, the participant must complete and sign a health questionnaire.

The most important benefits of training at Conlea

Practical knowledge that will help you and your team grow.

An international certificate recognized all over the world.

Meet participant during a training s with similar challenges.

Meeting people who may have ready solutions to your problems.

Czego nauczysz się w trakcie szkolenia DevOps Fundamentals?

  • Poznasz historię i potrzebę DevOps.
  • Poznasz kluczowe koncepcje i wartość biznesową DevOps.
  • Zrozumiesz koncepcje stojące za takimi ideami jak C.A.L.M.S, The Three Ways, Continuous Delivery, Full Stack.
  • Nauczysz się, jak funkcjonuje przywództwo oraz kultura organizacyjna w DevOps, budowanie zespołów oraz organizacji w zgodzie z podejściem DevOps.
  • Poznasz 15 kluczowych praktyk DevOps oraz zwinne podejście do rozwoju oprogramowania za pomocą Scruma.
  • Poznasz kluczowe koncepcje wykorzystania chmury, wirtualizacji, automatyzacji wdrożen i architektury wspierającej je.

What others say about Conlea ITIL Foundation course

Thank you for training! It is a long time since I participated in such a well-prepared and conducted training!

Sabina Grabowska

Sabina Grabowska

Incident Coordinator

Practical knowledge of the trainer enriched with real-life examples!

Bart Trzęsicki

Bartosz Trzęsicki

Global Transformation/Change Lead

The trainer showed a lot of experience, not only theoretical knowledge.

0 (17)

Dominika Pacyna

Service Architect

A well-prepared trainer who can answer the most difficult questions, practical exercises.

0 (18)

Monika Kudaj

Major Incident Manager