Alignment between IT, Customer, and the Business? Common Value understanding by ITIL®

The meeting was held on October 26 at 14:30

What is the value for you?
From our experience, "value" is both the best and the worst understood. It is your perspective and "the perceived benefits, usefulness, and importance of something." of others. Anything can be of value to you. Service, Software, and Product. Even the single benefit like doing your job faster or better.
Different definitions of value? The problem begins when you focus on your perspective and forget to cross it with the business or the Customer. Something that you thought was valuable is perceived as worthless by your company or Customer. You can try to convince with the correct argument that some additional factors are at play here. Or you can pre-commit to the possibility of being wrong. If you analyse value from the perspective of the Customer and the business first, you will notice the gaps between the three pictures: Customer, business, and your picture.


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Key takeaways:


Common Value understanding


ITIL®️ Value perspectives


How to leverage this knowledge for Alignment between IT, Customer, and the Business

The meeting was conducted by Daniel Kuźba.


Daniel Kuźba

Head of Technology @ Digital Ocean Ventures

For over 15 years of his professional career, he has been focused on co-creating value with customers by collaboration, developing people and processes, building successful teams and organizations in partnership with businesses and customers. He had opportunities to drive and be a part of the digital transformation in various roles and market verticals, to name a few Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation, ICT, real estate, and construction businesses. Daniel was directly involved in Central Europe Shared Service Center creation. He was building, and scaling multiple companies, including startups, mergers, acquisitions, and once upon a time, even designed a storage solution for a supercomputer. All those experiences gave him a unique perspective.

Daniel has graduated in Applied Information Technology, Sociology and Finances, and Accounting.

To build honest and lasting relationships with the business and customers during this time, he has developed a unique skill set to be ready to face challenges of today and tomorrow: Team building and people development, technological acumen, emotional intelligence, including effective communication, active listening, and tactical cognitive empathy, leadership by example, strategy development and execution, problem-solving skills applied to Complex, Complicated and Chaotic domains.

Proud husband and father always striving to keep harmony in life and work ebb and flow.

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